911iNET Secure Public Safety Network

Created in 2011, 911iNET is working to create a TRUE method of Interoperability between public safety personnel and public safety answering points in the United States. 911iNET was created in response to a huge gap in the world of public safety; one that has proven to be the difference between life and death.

With the development of 911iNET, for the first time public safety personnel have a real-time messaging network that is universally available on all devices and not contingent upon a certain CAD system.

Federal, State, and Local authorities are finally united. 911iNET is based completely upon NIMS. With 911iNET all first responders and public safety entities can connect to a secure network to exchange information in real time.

911iNET brings together: Local Police Departments, Fire Departments, Airports, Emergency Managers, Mayor/County Commissioners, County Prosecutor, Health Department, Courtroom Judges, Schools and Many More.

Some of the features include, secure one-on-one messages, group conferences, video and audio conferencing, secure file transfer and many more.

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“It’s made our job a lot easier,” said Marshall County 911 supervisor Matt Pitney.

"A broadcast message can be sent directly to officers’ smartphones and tablets in seconds," said Patrol Division Chief Shawn Turner


Make Contact with your Public Safety Liaison and find out how to Join the Network.

Why 911iNET?

Identified by members of the United States Department of Homeland Security as both "revolutionary" and "the next generation of public safety communications."

911iNET is using modern technology to enhance Public Safety. Are you connected?

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