Electronic Monitoring Solutions

Puretrack the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform

Purecom for house arrest

Puretag a compact, elegant RF bracelet

Purepotect a smarphone app for victim protection

Puremonitor 911iNET cloud-based software designed to deliver the information

Alcohol Monitoring

Court Services

Offender Monitoring



PureTag is a highly secure compact RF bracelet that operates across the complete spectrum of the PureSecurity Suite.

  • Encrypted RF signal
  • Bluetooth support
  • Easy installation
  • Hypoallergenic, comfortable curved design
  • 4 year battery life
  • Disposable and adjustable strap
  • Strap, case and motion tamper detection
  • Sound and vibration indications
  • Lightweight - 1 oz.

Group Homes or Treatment Centers



The PureCom RF base station brings new features and functionalities

to your house arrest programs.

  • Smart LCD screen
  • Fingerprint ID verification
  • 2 way communications via text and voice
  • Cell, landline, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Streamlined field installation
  • 72-hour battery backup
  • Dual SIM for broader coverage
  • Onboard GPS tracking
  • Supports up to 50 PureTag RF bracelets

Next Level Monitoring



PureTrack leverages smartphone technology to provide the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform.

  • GPS, cell tower and Wi-Fi location tracking
  • RF teethering via Bluetooth
  • Supports GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi communications
  • Calendar management
  • Persistent offender term notifications and reminders
  • Smartphone voice, text, email, video communications
  • Portable breath-alcohol integration
  • Bio-identification - facial recognition, fingerprint, voice

House Arrest



The PureBeacon is a secure RF device designed to provide indoor surveillance of offenders when GPS is not suitable.

  • 4 years battery life - no charging required 
  • Encrypted RF protocol
  • Bluetooth support
  • Proximity and case tamper detection
  • Expand range via mesh network
  • Lightweight - 0.6 oz.

Victim Protection



victim unit

PureProtect™ is a smartphone app for victims that identifies and alerts of proximity violations without breaching the victim's privacy. Additionally, the app identifies offender movement and behavior patterns in order to prevent attacks.

  • Supports both Android and iOS phones
  • Can alert on GPS, Cell Tower, and RF proximity
  • Alerts can be set up for predefined distances
  • Shows direction of offender travel
  • Alert can be sent to local authorities if distance is violated
  • GPS shielding and jamming detection
  • Application provides avoidance plan
  • Communication mechanism for assistance - speech or text (silent assist)
  • Password protected



Criminal Justice Services

  • Full Service Electronic Monitoring
  • Individualized Case Management
  • Employment Services
  • Evidence-Based Treatment Programs
  • Juvenile & Adult Day Reporting Centers

Criminal Justice Services


Full Service Electronic Monitoring

GPS Monitoring – 24/7 location tracking, with inclusion and exclusion zone monitoring.
Home Detention – Compliance with curfew and house arrest orders

Individualized Case Management

Effective individualized programming, with frequent follow-up and reporting, providing the tools to help clients change their behavior while maintaining public safety.

Evidence-Based Treatment Programs

Individualized, strength-based treatment using evidence-based curriculum to help reentry clients achieve positive change and successful community integration.

Juvenile & Adult Day Reporting Centers

Assessment, treatment, training, and individualized services to assist clients with a smooth and successful transition back into their communities.